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For Our Exclusive Client

At Phoenix Consultancy Group, we are aware of the importance of suitably qualified people and how human capital impacts business.

How are we are different?

We are committed to understanding your hiring requirements at a personalized service level and finding the best candidate. We cast a wider net with our linguistic abilities, Cantonese in Hong Kong, Mandarin in China and English in Singapore. We aim to source beyond a technical match, taking into consideration cultural and personality fit congruent to your business needs.

With our thorough search process through our specialized network, we will provide you with the most suitable talent.

Working with the best to produce optimum results; Phoenix Consultancy Group focuses on appointments ranging from mid-level to upper management. The scarcity of qualified candidates in this area allows us to demonstrate our executive search expertise, utilizing our knowledge to maximize your investment.

Industries We Serve:

- Information Technology
- Banking & Finance
- Industrial & Commerce